A Vintage Tale

A Vintage Tale

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Set in the early- and mid-nineteenth century this tale provides a perfect backdrop for a classic Victorian Romance only in this case the settings are not in London or in an English countryside but in British India and the stakes are high.
Amrita came across an intriguing tombstone in a quaint Darjeeling cemetery. The epitaph with its tale of lost love drew her to question her own understanding of love and life. While her interest was piqued, her heart ached because she was on her honeymoon, trying to find a reason to continue her months old marriage. The slender alleys of Darjeeling lured her to
discover a tale beyond the curtain of time. But how?

Her chance encounter with a stranger, who came from the world yonder, took her on an incredible journey into the past. Here, love grew under the shadows of muskets and swords, it survived the blatant stabbing of lust, it overcame the
conspiring greed, turbulent times, haunting pasts and uncertain futures and above all, it conquered self-doubt for absolute faith. Her story was also about the very people who immortalized love through moving epitaphs.

Will the tale help her decide about her own future?

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