ABS Baroque Soprano Recorder 8 Hole Instrument for Kids With Cleaning Rod Carrying Bag (2 Pack)

ABS Baroque Soprano Recorder 8 Hole Instrument for Kids With Cleaning Rod Carrying Bag (2 Pack)

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Product Description


Recorder Instrument for KidsRecorder Instrument for Kids

Music Instrument – Recorder

The recorder instrument is one of the most popular Musical Instruments in the world today. The recorder timbre is pure and clear, soft and light. It is called “soft flute” and “flute that sings like a bird”. It blows with the force of a natural breath, and it’s easy to get a nice sound from the beginning, so it’s perfect for young children.

soprano recorderssoprano recorders

Early Music Cultivation

Practice your children’s hand flexibility and coordination when playing together. Explore and develop kids’ brain, cultivate Art and Music talent, especially, when in the teamwork playing.

Recorder Construction

Recorder Construction

Recorder Specifications

Recorder Specifications

Recorder Package

Recorder Package


The recorder instrument three-piece plastic construction allows for easy cleaning, and the German-style fingering system allows easier finger placement for beginners.


Soprano length: 32.5cm/12.79″

Cleaning rod: 27.5cm/10.8″

Color: Ivory White

Package Included

2 * Recorder Instrument for Kids

2 * Cleaning Rod

2 * Packing bag


Quality Resin

First quality, ABS resin with a refined finish and enduring body ensures years of reliable use.

2.Easy to clean : For cleaning, it can be divided into 3 parts, it’s much easier to clean the inside of the soprano recorder with cleaning rod, ensures the cleanliness of.Come with a appropriate storage bag, You can also take it with you.
3.Early music cultivation: The high-quality recorder with German fingering has an easy response. The optimized design ensures a warm and beautiful sound. This inspires big and small musicians from the beginning!This is important for children and beginners to play and learn their instruments with motivation and joy.
4.Easy to learn: The Baroque fingering system is one of the most popular fingering options,great for beginners. Bright sound, Easy to play. Help your kids to improve their sense of hearing for music and their motor skills.
5.With a practical flute accessories: The soprano recorder comes with a lockable fabric bag and a practical flute wiper. This allows the flute to be easily cleaned and then stowed away.

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