Amazon Echo User Guide: Support Made Easy (Streaming Devices Book 4)

Amazon Echo User Guide: Support Made Easy (Streaming Devices Book 4)

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Price: $2.99
(as of Oct 18,2020 04:41:54 UTC – Details)

#1 Amazon Bestseller in ‘Computers & Technology’!

Amazon Echo can make your home smarter and save you hours of time each week!

The Amazon Echo is a voice in a box that can do what you tell it to do, look up information for you, and play music. It’s the closest thing to living in the future that we can do right now, today. Imagine Siri if it understood you, and is always on. The best thing about it? It’s now available for ANYONE!

Learn everything the Echo can do for you

The Echo plays music, but to realize its full potential, you need to treat it like a digital assistant in your own home. Learn all the commands you can give it, what it is really good at doing, what it’s not good at doing, and what’s coming in the future!

Please note the $179.99 price for Amazon Echo does NOT include a remote. Echo primarily functions through voice commands, so no remote is not a deal breaker. There is an app for your phone or tablet that can take the place of the $30 remote.

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