Athena’s Sactuary: Sigma Worlds Book 4

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(as of Sep 20,2020 07:04:46 UTC – Details)

Jason has been able to return the Elves of Earth to their brethren on Destiny and in the process found out about a Battleship that is on one of the moons of Destiny.

He wants that Ship, but at what cost? And Athena is much more then just a Ship, as Jason is about to find out.

Journey across the Realms as Jason and his friends try to get ready for the battle that is to come. Can he protect both his himself and those he feels he needs to protect?

Journey to the moon, Tanius The Red Hunter, as he hunts for that Battleship, but in the process ends up finding a secret that is so deadly it can change the tide of his personal war with the Gods.

This book contains harem themes, language, adult situations and some monster girls

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