Auland Kalimba Thumb Piano 17 Keys Colorful Musical Instruments with Tuning Hammer, Gifts for Kids, Adults, Beginners

Auland Kalimba Thumb Piano 17 Keys Colorful Musical Instruments with Tuning Hammer, Gifts for Kids, Adults, Beginners

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It’s time to enjoy the beautiful sound of the Kalimba.

What is Kalimba?
1. Kalimba is an African musical instrument. And we also call it Mbira, Likembe, Sanza, 17 Keys Thumb Piano, Finger Piano , Thumb Piano, Hand Piano, Pocket Piano, Portable Piano and so on. 
2.Auland Kalimba thumb piano is a great personal instrument and travels well, portable for various kinds of situations. 
3. You wanna start immediately by playing simple stuff? This 17 keys kalimba can be simplified by “blocking off” the upper 7 notes, leaving the central 10 notes(from note E to note D) and using the instructional materials for the 10 key kalimba.    

International C Tune  
Every Thumb Piano is tuned and tested before shipped. The tone is the same as a piano: International C tune.  

Best Gift
Playing kalimba is enjoyable, and easy to learn. It’s the best gift to help you enjoy your family time, giving children the enlightenment of music, and sharing moments of memory making with your lover, or surprising your friends or colleague.

Packing list
1 * Kalimba
2 * Silicone Finger Protector
1 * Instructions
1 * Cloth Bag
1 * Tune and color stickers
1 * Tuning Hammer
1 * Polishing cloth  

How to tune?
1. Tuning tool
2.Portable tuner, tuned by piano, cellphone or a tuning hammer
1)iOS users can download Tuner Lite or insTuner
2)Android user can download gstrings), . 
There are many kinds of free apps for both types of devices. Just search for ”Tuner”.
2. Tuning steps:
(1) Pluck the middle tine of the Kalimba.
(2) Use the tuning hammer to tune the tine, until the note in the tuner matches the default note and the pointer directing to the center position.

Easy to Play: We provide easy-to-understand instruction manuals for thumb pianos, and the keys are engraved with phonetic symbols, so even beginners can quickly get started playing music.
Wonderful sound: The 17-key thumb piano has a wider range and can play more tracks. The sound of the playing sounds not only beautiful and ethereal like the music box, but also clear and moving like springs and streams.
Accurate Tuning: The thumb piano has been accurately tuned during production. If there is a slight deviation, you can use the tuning hammer provided for tuning.
Widely Used: Thumb piano is an excellent instrument for performance, leisure, party, music class and also a great gift for relatives and friends.

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