Behind Trend Lines: Everything you’ve been told about Trend Lines is a LIE. Find out the TRUTH!

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"Keep it simple" they all say…but most of the Forex books and courses out there are nowhere close to being simple. In fact, besides being hard to understand, they are also VERY expensive, making it even harder for an aspiring trader to even have a shot at winning this game.

If you want to STOP blowing your accounts and instead want CONSISTENT PROFIT-MAKING SKILLS, I believe this book is for you. "why should I trust you?" you might ask…and the answer is VERY simple: because I’ve been where you are now…and oh man, it wasn’t nice at all to fill my mind with lies from online gurus and mentors, who wanted nothing more but my money, NOT my growth.

I reached to a point where I’ve just had enough of other people’s opinions and views on the markets and I decided it’s about time to LOOK and OBSERVE the charts, so that I can come up with a strategy that is EASY to use, to understand but most important, which contains the TRUTH about technical analysis.

This book is JAM-PACKED with SIMPLE, yet EFFECTIVE information that will SATISFY your PROFIT thirst. It will not only give you the FRAMEWORK you need to SUCCEED in this industry, it will also DELIVER REAL RESULTS that can be achieved in a SIMPLE, CONSISTENT and RELIABLE manner, even a 5 year old kid will find it EASY-TO-FOLLOW.

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