Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist Adjustable Wrist Cuff Digital Home Blood Pressure Meter Accurately Detects Blood Pressure Heart Rate and Irregular Heartbeat, Large LCD Display (White)

Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist Adjustable Wrist Cuff Digital Home Blood Pressure Meter Accurately Detects Blood Pressure Heart Rate and Irregular Heartbeat, Large LCD Display (White)

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Product Description


Hypertension can cause stroke, heart disease, hemangioma, kidney failure and other diseases, Those who have high blood pressure, it is best to always measure blood pressure, Pay attention to self-test blood pressure, Prevent disease, care for health.

You need to know:
Blood pressure changes at all times, It is fluctuating,and the measure results are relate to many things, such as the measure posture, measure time in a day, Wrap the wristband, and the people state. And the result , you may get the result after you have several days contrast and assessment. Please under the guidance of a doctor to draw conclusions.The best time is you get up, and 2 to 3 hours , you measure, or when you are calm down, Please do ner Strenuous exercise. Keep a good mood before you use it !

Correct Posture for Measurement


Blood pressure is actually a kind of liquid pressure, if the cuff is too high, bp will reduce; if the cuff is too low, blood pressure will rise. Making the posture correct is vital to get the true result. Here are the right way to wear cuffs:

How to Get Accurate Readings
Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors tend to be more sensitive to body position and movement. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure you get the best results possible from your BP monitor:
1. Sit up straight, avoid compressing the abdomen 2. Prop your elbow on a table to help keep it still 3. Position your wrist so it is at the same level as your heart 4. Avoid unnecessary movements while taking your BP – this includes talking
The Right Fit for You
Generation Guard’s Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is safe to use for people of all ages. The cuff can comfortably fit wrist sizes from 5 inches to 9 inches.

It can provide measurement in both mmHg and kPa,and measure both blood pressure and heart rate with an added irregular heart indicator.

This Wrist BP Monitor comes ready for use with two AAA batteries.

Attention Before Measuring

1. Do not take a bath, exercise, eat, medication or drink within 30 minutes before the testing
2. Avoid speaking or moving body parts while testing
3. Keeping your wrist level with your heart (normally test with left wrist)
4. Wait 5 minutes or longer before re-testing
5. Test at the same time every day, on the same wrist

Healthy Remind — To care about your health

Measurement Range:
Heart Beat: 40-200/minute
Pressure: 20 ~ 280 mmHg
Pulse Rate: 40 ~ 165 beats / min

Pressure: within 3 mmHg
Pulse rate: within 5% of reading

WHO Classification Indicator

Red: Severe Hypertension Yellow: Mild Hypertension Green: Normal BP



Type: Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Display: Digital LCD
Wrist Circumference: 135 ~ 195 mm/5.3*7.67 inch(approx)

Packet Contents:
1 x Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
1 x Storage Box
1 x User Manual
2 x  AAA battery

EASY-TO-READ DISPLAY: The Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with large LCD display , the clear and oversized numbers makes reading measurements on the wrist bp monitor device a most convenient experience
One Step Measuring: Advanced one step measuring technique makes cuff blood pressure monitoring quick and simple. At the press of one button the automatic inflate technology inflates cuff to appropriate level. Get an accurate blood pressure reading in a matter of minutes.
Adjustable Cuff: The cuff of this Blood Pressure Monitor suitable for most of arms. The cuff Integrated with hook-and-loop fasteners, it is ergonomically designed to provide precision and comfort during the measurement process.
Application: This relion Blood Pressure Monitor design is exquisite and compact,very easy to store and carry, especially suitable for the elderly and pregnant women. You can monitor your family’s health in anytime at home.

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