BookBub Mastery: An Indie Author Mastery Guide

BookBub Mastery: An Indie Author Mastery Guide

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(as of Sep 23,2020 19:42:39 UTC – Details)

I’ve had a BookBub Featured Deal every other month for the last two years…

That’s not an exaggeration, nor was it an accident.

Over the past five years I’ve studied BookBub’s platform, working on a strategy that’s allowed me to compete at the highest levels with BookBub’s Featured Deals.

Featured Deals are hard to come by, and some authors swear they’re impossible to get.

I’m here to tell those authors that it is possible, and it’s probably likely…

…If you have a plan.

In BookBub Mastery, you’ll learn what BookBub really wants, and you’ll learn how to give it to them. As a marketing platform it can legitimately change the lives of authors, so it’s worth putting your best digital foot forward.

Take control of your book marketing and launch your author career, using the world’s best-ever book-marketing promotional platform.

It’s all here in BookBub Mastery — get started today!

*Pre-order BookBub Mastery and gain special access to the BookBub Marketing Plan and Spreadsheet (yes, it is as cool as it sounds).

Praise for the Indie Author Mastery books:

"…A solid offering that has covered all the bases… authors will find it helpful." — Brian Meeks, author of Mastering Amazon Ads: An Author’s Guide

"This is the advice people pay thousands to hunt for, and may never find. Treasure this book." — Kevin Tumlinson, Director of Marketing for Draft2Digital

"What’s a platform, how do I build it, and what the @3## do I do with it when I have one? Well done, Mr. Thacker… Well done indeed.” — Michael Anderle, CEO LMBPN Publishing, 7-figure author, Creator 20Booksto50K ™

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