Bushcraft Illustrated: A Visual Guide

Bushcraft Illustrated: A Visual Guide

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“An appealing coffee table book.” —The Wall Street Journal

From Dave Canterbury—wilderness expert, New York Times bestselling author, and YouTube sensation—comes a fully illustrated guide to everything you need to know to hone your bushcraft, or wilderness survival skills, from types of shelter, to useful tools, to edible plants—and much more!

Before you venture into the wilderness, learn exactly what you need to bring and what you need to know with this ultimate outdoor reference guide, by survivalist expert Dave Canterbury. Filled with more than 300 illustrations, Bushcraft Illustrated showcases the necessary tools and skills for an awesome outdoor adventure, including such as:

Packs: Learn the different types and how to craft and pack your own.

Cordage: Essential knot knowledge for outdoor survival.

Firecraft: How to start a fire with a variety of materials.

Trapping: Tips for catching small game.

Plants: A catalog of edible plants to forage.

…And much more! With its many helpful illustrations and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, this illustrated Bushcraft guide is a must-have for the seasoned outdoor lover and adventure novice alike!

From the Publisher

Axe Stone Sharpening 

Similar to the knife, the axe can be sharpened by bench or field stone. When using a field stone, circular patterns like that of using the puck are recommended. See Figure 2.74 for the steps to stone sharpen an axe.

Axe Stone Sharpening 

Eight strokes away, eight strokes toward, eight alternate.

Axe Stone Sharpening 

Strop on a leather belt.

Axe Stone Sharpening 

In the field, use circular action on cut down stone.

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

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