Eye Cream Anti Aging Natural Cream for Dark Circle, wrinkle cream, Crows Feet, Puffiness – Nourishing Eye Cream w/Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, Evening Primrose Oil by SEAMANTIKA

Eye Cream Anti Aging Natural Cream for Dark Circle, wrinkle cream, Crows Feet, Puffiness – Nourishing Eye Cream w/Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, Evening Primrose Oil by SEAMANTIKA

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Product Description

Welcome to the world of naturally effective skin care with SEAMANTIKA.

Get the results you’ve been looking for. At SEAMANTIKA, we use nature’s finest to create our range of innovative formulas that perform ahead of the game. Every item in our line combines the best of land and sea without any harsh chemical fillers. That means with every application you’re getting a potent dose of pure concentrated minerals, botanicals, and oils targeted to address your unique skincare needs.


It’s time to unleash your natural beauty. Let SEAMANTIKA show you the way.

The treatment your under eyes have been craving.

SEAMANTIKA’s Plumping Eye Cream gives you the best of both worlds: luxurious hydration in an ultra light formula. Plus, it absorbs quickly for fast-acting effects on day one.


This Plumping Eye Cream will be your new best friend if you’re looking to brighten tired under eyes; plump fine lines and wrinkles; erase dark circles; protect against damaging free radicals; firm puffy eyes; or hydrate dull, crepey, dry skin.


And, when combined with SEAMANTIKA’s Restoring Eye Serum the benefits get even better. Applying Plumping Eye Cream on top of the Restoring Eye Serum intensifies the anti aging process, while providing a protective, moisturizing barrier to keep unwanted under eye nuisances at bay.

Discover nature’s best-kept secrets.

SEAMANTIKA’s Plumping Eye Cream is packed with natural ingredients selected for their unique healing and anti aging benefits:

Camellia Oil (Tsubaki Oil) – Full of omega fatty acids and vitamins to deeply nourish and refresh tired skin

Dead Sea Water – Soothing minerals rejuvenate tired skin

Hydrolyzed Collagen & Persian Silk Tree – Amino acids give skin elasticity and youthful tone, texture, and firmness

Evening Primrose Oil – Nourishing omega fatty acids stimulate circulation to reverse the look of dull under eyes

Rosehip Oil – Vitamin C rich botanical reverses discoloration, wrinkles, and uneven texture

Aloe Vera – Soothing, anti-inflammatory, and deeply moisturizing

Borage – Powerful flower extract restores under eyes’ suppleness and elasticity.

Let the countdown to a more youthful looking you begin!

4 Steps to fresher, younger under eyes:


Thoroughly cleanse your eye area, making sure it’s free of any makeup or skincare products.

Gently tap on SEAMANTIKA’s Restoring Eye Serum.

Pump a small amount of SEAMANTIKA’s Plumping Eye Cream onto your ring finger. Pat on gently to seal in the anti aging benefits and add a nourishing finishing touch.

Repeat daily for radiant under eyes.


Letting nature take the lead.


SEAMANTIKA’s Plumping Eye Cream features a Cruelty Free mixture of some of nature’s finest anti aging powerhouses. It’s also formulated without harmful chemicals, including:






So unlike most creams diluted with fillers, with SEAMANTIKA you’re getting nothing but potent, wrinkle-fighting, active ingredients.

We understand that it might be overwhelming to suddenly start turning so many heads. That’s why we offer our satisfaction code.


Whether you prefer to remain a wallflower, or you simply don’t fall in love with your Plumping Eye Cream, rest assured. You have nothing to lose, since every purchase from SEAMANTIKA is completely risk-free.

ULTRA NOURISHING, UNBELIEVABLY LIGHTWEIGHT – Most anti aging skin care sits heavily on the skin, leaving your under eyes oily all day long. You shouldn’t have to compromise. The best eye wrinkle cream should do it all. SEAMANTIKA’s Plumping Eye Cream proves it’s possible to make a rich, moisturizing cream that absorbs quickly without leaving any greasy residue.
NATURE’S WRINKLE REMOVER – You don’t have to settle for an anti aging skin cream full of toxic chemicals and harsh fillers. SEAMANTIKA takes the best of nature for truly enviable results. Smooth, hydrate, plump, nourish, and firm your under eyes with our Cruelty Free Eye Cream featuring Camelia Oil (Tsubaki Oil), Vitamin C, Evening Primrose, Rosehip Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Borage, and Dead Sea Salt Water. Plus, it’s Paraben, SLS, SLES, and Petrolatum free.
THE DYNAMIC UNDER EYE DUO – Innovative, patented Beautifeye Concentrate penetrates deeply to transform dry, crepey, wrinkled skin into smooth, supple, glowing under eyes. However, the real magic happens when SEAMANTIKA’s Plumping Eye Cream is combined with SEAMANTIKA’s Restoring Eye Serum. Together the two work synergistically to nourish, protect, and seal-in moisture to help you achieve the ultimate under eye makeover.
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