FRETBOARD PhD: Master the Guitar Fretboard through Intervals

FRETBOARD PhD: Master the Guitar Fretboard through Intervals

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A guitar book like no other, Fretboard PhD is an in-depth study of the guitar fretboard with an emphasis on intervals. The course runs the gamut from basics to harmonics. To navigate the fretboard freely and confidently, you must understand how it all works.

The book is written for guitar players who want to further their grasp of all things fretboard. Hundreds of examples and as many diagrams illustrate every concept so that you fully benefit from the visual nature of the guitar. Basic music theory is a prerequisite.

With Fretboard PhD, your fretboard knowledge will soar and you will graduate to an all-round command of the guitar neck and its layout.


  • Intervals
  • Interval Addition
  • Tuning
  • Note Names
  • Fretboard Geometry
  • Transposition
  • Mirroring
  • Anchoring
  • Harmonics

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