How To Sell Video Courses Online: A Roadmap To How I Make an Extra $5000+ Passive Income Every Month

How To Sell Video Courses Online: A Roadmap To How I Make an Extra $5000+ Passive Income Every Month

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You can sell your expertise. I have been making over $5000 passive income per month by selling online video courses over the last two years and you can too.

Online learning is the future of education. If you have, or wish to have, a stake in the online economy, online teaching and learning will be central to your success.

The self-paced e-learning market made $51.5 billion in 2016, according to the “E-Learning Market Trends Report” by Docebo.

In light of recent developments, online learning is BECOMING HUGE! It’s time to take a slice of this extremely profitable pie!

E-teaching is one of the best ways to get your message out there, make money and enhance your brand.

This book explains: how to create and market online courses that will sell for months and years to come; research the content and title of your courses; technical information about video course creation; advice on how to create your first course; tricks on how to market your course; and loads more.

The world is changing. Education is changing. There is a HUGE demand for career skills courses online.

I have spoken to course selling experts. These people sold a massive $10 million in courses in 2015 alone. Get tips from Gabby Wallace, Phil Ebiner, Lisa Irby, Victor Bastos, Alun Hill, John Bura, John Purcell, Troy Dean and Steven Aitchison.

Learn from the best!

Once you have created a course, it can earn you substantial money every month for years to come.

Plus you will enjoy the process of making the course and the feedback from the students. Course creation is not only very satisfying it also helps builds your brand as an authority within your niche.

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