How We Got Cyber Smart: A book about how to stay safe online

How We Got Cyber Smart: A book about how to stay safe online

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How We Got Cyber Smart addresses cyber safety, cyber bullying and online safety for elementary school-aged children.

It follows the adventures of two kids Olivia and Jack, as they navigate the online world and tells the story of how they became cyber smart and dealt with their online bully. It provides practical advice to parents and children in how to protect themselves online and look after their safety.

The information pulls from realistic online events as the author explains the dangers of the Internet in terms children will understand. It incorporates the challenge of cyber safety in today’s world and addresses this concern in the lives of two school-aged children and how their parents help navigate their online experiences. This book is a helpful tool for all parents, caregivers and teachers of school-aged children to help start the conversation about online safety and safe online habits.

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