HTML and CSS for Beginners (Skills Today Book 2)

HTML and CSS for Beginners (Skills Today Book 2)

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If you want to learn practical HTML skills in the shortest time possible, this is the course for you. The course’s examples use free software, meaning you don’t need to make any additional purchases.

Unlike many other courses, this book works entirely with practical examples. You won’t be slowed down by long explanations and instead will get started doing useful work immediately and will be able to begin creating and editing HTML web pages after just a few lessons.

Many other HTML courses try to teach absolutely every feature of HTML, including features that are obscure or obsolete.

This course is different. It focuses entirely on practical and useful HTML skills and won’t slow you down by trying to teach skills that you don’t need. This course also focuses on creating pages that will be supported by all major web browsers rather than pages that may only work on specific browsers.

While this isn’t a reference book, it contains a complete listing of HTML tags and CSS properties, making it useful for reference purposes even after you complete the course.

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Create a very simple web page
  • Lesson 2: View your web page in your web browser and edit it
  • Lesson 3: Work with paragraphs and line breaks
  • Lesson 4: Format text with HTML tags
  • Lesson 5: Understand HTML and XHTML
  • Lesson 6: Work with lists
  • Lesson 7: Work with hyperlinks
  • Lesson 8: Display images and create image maps
  • Lesson 9: Embed audio and video
  • Lesson 10: Use meta and link tags
  • Lesson 11: Create tables
  • Lesson 12: Use iframes
  • Lesson 13: Understand CSS
  • Lesson 14: Use inline CSS with the <div> and <span> tags
  • Lesson 15: Use CSS in the <head> tag and create CSS classes
  • Lesson 16: Create CSS identifiers
  • Lesson 17: Use CSS to create rollover buttons
  • Lesson 18: Create a page layout with CSS
  • Lesson 19: Add menu items and columns using CSS floats
  • Lesson 20: Use absolute positioning
  • Lesson 21: Use relative positioning
  • Lesson 22: Use forms and scripts
  • Appendix A: HTML Tags Listing
  • Appendix B: CSS Properties Listing

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