Instant Pot Soul Food: Best Proven Recipes For Beginners Part 1

Instant Pot Soul Food: Best Proven Recipes For Beginners Part 1

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120 of the most delicious and proven recipes of European and Georgian cuisine, in this book.

Dishes prepared according to these recipes will please you and your family. Quick and easy cooking will not take you much time.

These recipes are suitable for different types of multicookers, not just Instans Pot.

This is only the first part of soul recipes, which consists of 120 proven delicious dishes, personally by the author.

Here you can find the recipes for first courses, cakes, and desserts, meat and fish dishes, vegetables, and cereals. This book will be your assistant: in it, you will find numerous recipes from a variety of products and make for yourself and your loved ones an ideal menu for every day.

Recipes are written understandably with step by step cooking.

All recipes are grouped into sections:

  1. First courses – soups, borscht, hodgepodge, cabbage soup, etc.
  2. Meat dishes – recipes for chicken, turkey, rabbit, pork, beef.
  3. Fish dishes – recipes for fish and seafood dishes.
  4. Dishes from vegetables and cereals – all kinds of side dishes and main dishes from vegetables, various cereals, casseroles, several types of pilaf, etc.
  5. Baking, desserts – cottage cheese casseroles, cakes, pies, muffins, puddings, cakes.
  6. Dietary dishes – meat, fish, vegetables and steamed pastries, first, second courses, and even desserts that can be consumed during fasting.

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