Lyre Harp, 16 Metal String Mahogany Plywood Body String Instrument with Tuning Wrench and Carry Bag (wood)

Lyre Harp, 16 Metal String Mahogany Plywood Body String Instrument with Tuning Wrench and Carry Bag (wood)

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Lyre (also known as Lyre) is the earliest plucked instrument in the West. Playing the lyre is an important way for students of ancient Greece to study music and poetry. The elegant and beautiful image of the seven-string harp is also a symbol of the lyrical poet Erato.


Modern, lyre harp has evolved from 7 strings to 10 strings, 12 strings, 16 strings, 25 strings, 35 strings, etc., and its styles are also different. All lyre has one thing in common, which is to liberate pure sounds from materialized instruments and their materials. When you gently tap a string, he can create a continuous whistling effect within the space. This pure sound that is not bound by any matter, whether it is accompaniment or performance, can relax our body and mind.


With more strings and tones compared to 7 or 10 strings harp, you don’t need to tune or exchange the strings again and again when you want to play more different tone songs. More options and music style offer to you


When the new string is changed, the state of the string are unstable. Usually, after one or two minutes, the sound is loose. This kind of running phenomenon is a common phenomenon. Need to be patiently adjusted 3-5 times. Repeated adjustment for a week or so is basically to achieve a relatively stable state, but each performance should be adjusted once.


MAHOGANY LYRE HARP: Smequeen lyre harp carved from a piece of Mahogany, high hardness and density wood is strong enough to keep it in tone and avoid the string force into the wood. The instrument is warm voiced with a pleasant tone.
16 STEEL STRINGS: The 16 metal strings lyre harp equipped with durable steel strings. The tone is ringing and can fill in a whole room. The shorter the string is, the higher tone you get. And so does the tension of strings.
EASY TO PLAY & WIDE USE: Best gift for kids, adults, beginners, sweetheart,friends,professionals and bands.
GUARANTEE:We offer 30 days quality and satisfaction warranty. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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