May Cocker (Cocker Brothers Book 24)

May Cocker (Cocker Brothers Book 24)

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True Love… Where the Cocker Family began.

A submarine planesman by the last name of Cocker is on special leave in Georgia, U.S.A. at the end of World War II, when he meets a pretty blonde with eyes the color of the sky…

This is a period piece for May Cocker, aka our "Grams," a prequel for those who love her.

It’s also a standalone as the rest of the series.

"Fabulous heart-melting page-turner read…" – MidniteInk Review

"I have even bragged on this series on my Facebook page.. Usually on series about book 4 I’m done..I’m in love with all 24 books.." – C.K. Carver

"…a story that shows us how beautiful it is to be kind and honorable. It has all the good feels of friends holding each other up when life is tough and celebrating with us when it is great. It is the story of how two people who might never have met have their life changed one fateful evening…Also, it shines a light on what some women faced when it came to working outside the home." – It’sMe Amazon Review

"This blows the series out of the water. It’s just as sweet, and serious, as can be. I’m a fan of old school mysteries and the author managed to color this with light shades of Mickey Spillane." – RaChelle Holmberg Review

"This brought memories of my parents love during the same era, the war, the waiting, the fears, the dreams, and the hope. As always, the writing is superb, and the glimpse of the ’40s reminds us of the slower pace, the morality, the honor of the veterans and the support they had. The innocence of love touched me deeply." – Mama B

"This is where all begins. A beautiful and strong family, based on a lot of love, trust, hope and friendship…I absolutely loved it!" – Rita Diana Review

"The way Faleena was able to recreate this time with such accuracy is just amazing… definitely a must read!" – MDG Review

A standalone romance series in Kindle Unlimited. Read on your phone or tablet with the free Kindle reading app, anywhere anytime.

Faleena Hopkins is a best selling author whose feel-good “Cocker Brothers” series features many sub-genres in romance books, including romantic comedy, sports romance, military romance, mc romance, holidays, interracial romance, second chance romance, and more.

COCKER BROTHERS has been rebranded in the name of family, each member getting their own happily ever after.

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