Meinl Percussion SLB25 Hand Sleigh Bells

Meinl Percussion SLB25 Hand Sleigh Bells

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(as of Oct 17,2020 17:21:29 UTC – Details)

The MEINL Sleigh Bells ring rich and full for a true sleigh bell sound. A comfortable ergonomic grip assures dynamic control to easily change sound levels and rhythmic patterns. These colorful instruments will also add a very interesting touch to any band or orchestral setting whether in a small recording space or a large concert hall. MEINL sleigh bells are also excellent to use in choral music with their abilities to blend well and be heard without overpowering. The sound is vibrant, and the multiple steel jingles deliver a pleasant, rich tone.

Easy to play — an ergonomically shaped wooden handle fits well in your hand to easily shake the sleigh bells in a steady pattern
Layer your sound — musicians of all backgrounds will find these sleigh bells useful for adding texture and nuance to grooves in a recording environment
Durable with a wide dynamic range — the 25 steel bells are securely mounted to a wooden base, and they have a wide dynamic range so you can make them cut through other instruments easily or sit underneath the mix
For all your holiday festivities — brighten up your holidays with sleigh bells for parties, parades, or caroling through the neighborhood
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