Outdoor Solar Battery Powered Security Camera, SOLIOM S60 1080P Home Wireless IP Camera with Accurate Motion Detection; Wide Angle Range, Quick Alert and Night Vision

Outdoor Solar Battery Powered Security Camera, SOLIOM S60 1080P Home Wireless IP Camera with Accurate Motion Detection; Wide Angle Range, Quick Alert and Night Vision

Price: $99.00
(as of Oct 18,2020 04:09:50 UTC – Details)

Product Description

SOLIOM S60 100% Wireless Solar battery-powered home security camera system


a.S60 outdoor security camera adopts upgraded app:soliom+ and was optimized most features to be more user friendly; paid cloud service and micro sd storage available. ( Cloud free trial 1 month).

b.We have improved S60 security cameras with two way pair up configuration, customers could pair up the camera easily with QR code or sound wave. Much easier to pair up this wifi camera.

c.Soliom S60 cam optimized the PIR false alarm exclusively with a built-in radar to control disturbance and reduce most false alarms compared to other similar wireless security camera system in the market.

d.Upgraded structure with true IP66 weather-resistant for better use of home security outdoor.

Simply Install Soliom S60 security cameras around your house within your home Wi-Fi range and good exposure to the sunlight.

Warm Notices:

Only works with App: Soliom+

Only work with 802.11 b/g/n frequency band 2.4G Wi-Fi. Not work with 802.11 ac or ax 5G or higher frequency band

The S60 security camera outdoor is compatible with Andriod and IOS smartphones and tablets only.

You may possibly need a Wi-Fi extender if your Wi-Fi signal is weak around the yard where you want to install it.

At least 3-5 hours direct sunlight to the camera solar panel every day is needed.

The Northside of the house is not a recommended installation place. Or install an extra solar panel facing the sunlight. Asin: B07VRX3DL7

outdoor security cameraoutdoor security camera

Technical Details:

Installation: Average install time: 10-15 minutes.

Video: 1080p HD, Live View, Night Vision

Field of View: FOV160°

Motion Detection: Upgrade PIR with Radar to reduce most false alarms

Audio: Loud Two-way talk with noise cancellation

Power: Solar light panel

Internet Requirements: 802.11 b/g/n frequency band 2.4G Wi-Fi and requires a minimum upload speed of 2Mbps for optimal performance. Not work with 802.11 ac or ax 5G or higher frequency band

Install Height: Recommended installation height is 8 feet approx.

Dimensions: 10.63in x 5.20in x 5.63in (27 cm x 13.2 cm x 14.3 cm)

Extra-Solar charging panel: Optional to add an external solar panel with the attached cable. you can buy extra solar panel from our store

After sales support: 1 year full replacement *warrant*y for all Soliom products. Contact care@ soliom. net for any assistance.

live viewing modelive viewing mode

Upgraded New Version Soliom outdoor security wifi camera is more reliable and durable for outdoor use with larger size solar panel.

Advanced Features for S60:

Built-in extra reliable 4000mAh battery to constantly provide power for the wireless camera.
Integrated solar power panel for natural energy supply.
Easy & quick installation to fit in any corner of your yard or home

Reinforced Noise cancellation and Loud two way audio let you listen and talk back to your visitors clearly.

With full IP66 weatherproof grade, anti-corrosion material, and the new rust-proof bracket, S60 outdoor security camera could withstand all weather conditions.

Live view or videos recorded to micro sd card can be adjustable from Soliom+ app from 15-30-60 seconds or always recording.

Warm Tips:

1.Please connect your phone to 2.4Ghz wifi firstly before pairing.

2.You may need a Wi-Fi extender if your Wi-Fi signal is weak.

3.Place the camera in direct sunlight.

4.It can support class 10 8-64GB SD card.

5.SD card not included.

Soliom S60 Solar Security Camera Features:



two way audio

two way audio

motion detection alerts

motion detection alerts

Upgraded IP66 Weather Resistant

With weatherproof IP66 rate, the Soliom Outdoor Camera is sealed to repel any dust, water, snow, ice, oil or debris that it may be exposed to. It works at any outdoor weather temperatures between -4℉ to 140℉ (-20℃~+60℃).

Please make sure that not to drop the camera or expose it to hard weather with the silicone flap open.

Two way audio & live viewing

Remote monitor your home from anywhere and anytime.

Using the Soliom+ App, you can live view your family and home at any time of the day from anywhere via your iOS and Android smartphones. Talk and listen to anyone within the Camera’s range and enjoy a wide-angle of day and night vision.

Accurate Motion Detection System

Equipped with two kinds of new tech Motion sensors and with its improved 0.7-second quick tracking trigger speed allows you to catch any movements with fewer false alarms. When motion is triggered, the security cameras will send an instant alert to your smartphone and record a 10s video clip to the cloud and micro SD card synchronously.

The sensitivity can easily be adjusted via the Soliom+ remote control app. Depending on your specific environment, you could manually adjust the PIR sensitivity within the app to best fit your preferences.

easy installation

easy installation

Non-stop Charging

Non-stop Charging

multi-account users

multi-account users

Easy Setup & Installation

Soliom S60 Security Camera Outdoor is extremely easy to install with the tools included in the box:

Select an area that receives at least 1-3 hours of direct sunlight every day to ensure the battery is able to stay charged every day and you won’t have to change it manually.
Don’t install the S60 wifi camera far from your WiFi router. Always keep a close eye on the signal level icon on the live-view screen.
Install at a height of 8 feet approx. This will give you both a good PIR detection range and a good field of view.
Place the bracket on the wall, mark 3 holes and drill/screw the hardware into position. Then simply twist the camera body onto it and you’re good to go!

Non-stop Charging

S60 cameras for home security has a built-in 4000mah battery and could self-sustained by the solar light panel when exposed to sunlight

With Extra Soliom Solar Panel(not included), the wireless outdoor camera gets non-stop power easily and achieve no extra wiring at all!

Multi-account users & Easy Communication

With the SOLIOM+ App, you can live viewing and record videos at any time of the day from anywhere. Multiple account sharing allows you to share the QR code to max 10 family members.

Soliom S60 outdoor camera wireless try to make security becoming simple and easy.

upgraded Version S60 Cameraupgraded Version S60 Camera

S60 outdoor security camera upgraded with new App Soliom+; Scan the QR code to pair security camera to your phone and all live view or motion activated videos saved to micro sd card and cloud storage could be replayed directly in the app.One month free trial for Cloud storage.
Soliom S60 security camera outdoor comes with larger solar panel and a built-in 4000mah battery,be sure to expose the solar camera in direct sunlight and install the outdoor camera within your house Wi-FI range for a smoother live view.
Adopting new motion detection technology to reduce false alerts, S60 wireless security camera system will send a notification to your smartphone when motion is triggered and record a 10s video clip into the cloud and memory card. Using the refined 5 layers of glass lens and high quality LED lights enhance the night vision up to 30ft.
The outdoor camera wireless is 100% wire-free and easy to install,use Soliom+ app to monitor your home yard entrance, garage, office, garden remotely,and clear two-way talk lets you hear and speak to anyone who is within its range.The wifi camera only work with 802.11 b/g/n frequency band 2.4G Wi-Fi. Not work with 802.11 ac or ax 5G or higher frequency band.
The security cameras made from anti-corrosion material and the new rust-proof bracket.Upgraded structure of true IP66 weatherproof grade to stand up to any extreme weather conditions outside.Reliable cameras for home security

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