Sky Realms Online Books 1-3: A LitRPG Series Box Set

Price: $4.99
(as of Sep 23,2020 00:21:16 UTC – Details)

It was a game, now it’s his life.

The Sky Realms Online Books 1-3 Bundle is 30+ hours of epic LitRPG adventure set in a virtual world where anything can happen… maybe even death. 

Hall had played the VRMMORPG, Sky Realms Online, since beta. During one gaming session, a freak accident traps Hall and other players in the game. They awaken to find out their bodies are comatose and they have been downloaded fully into the virtual world. Even worse, the rules have changed, they’ve been forced back to level 1, and permadeath might be possible. 

Join Hall and his growing circle of friends and enemies, both Players and NPCs, as they discover that Sky Realms Online is not the same game they knew. New lands, new foes, and new mysteries. 

Grayhold (Book 1): Hall finds himself trapped in the game world, but not the game that he remembered. Things have changed. Hall gets his first quests, meets his first friends, and finds what could be his future home. 

Silverpeak (Book 2): Now the Lord of a ruined village, Hall takes his first steps toward turning Skara Brae into a real village. A journey to the city of Silver Peak Keep involves Hall and friends in a war between guilds. 

Axestorm (Book 3): Skara Brae is growing and it’s time to take the next step. Hall and companions journey to the Dwarf fortress of Axestorm Hall in search of an airship. There they encounter more mysteries and another Player, Iron, who is working to conqueror the entire island of Huntley.   

Grab this special edition box set today and dive headfirst into the action-packed world of Sky Realms Online. It’s a LitRPG saga perfect for fans of J.A. Hunter, Dakota Krout, and Edward Brody.

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