The Kiss of the Butterfly: Another True Love Story (Mixed Wholesome and Clean Romance Book Collection)

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In this sweet collection of romance fiction, these stories prove that love endures anything. The love is wholesome and the excitement and danger are palpable!

“Home Behind Her, Hope Ahead”, this clean cowboy romance novel tells you about Rachel, she is working at a boarding school in upstate New York. She is cooking and cleaning and hiding something. She meets Paul, the new equestrian teacher, who does cowboy rodeo events and seems entirely uninterested in the school, except when it comes to getting by with the minimum amount of work. Rachel discovers that Paul is recovering from a fire that happened on his ranch…

In “Proof of My Love”, small town girl Emmy Johns learns that making bets can be risky! Emmy’s town sits surrounded by an incredible forest that hides fantastic things one can’t even imagine. It also hides the mysterious and charming Peter, who turns Emmy’s life upside down. Now, the entire town may be witness to unexplainable events involving witchcraft and love.

“The Champ of Champaneer” follows the story of humanitarians on a dangerous mission. David McKay and Julie Summers work for separate NGOs, but are both sent to rural India by UNICEF. David and Julia strike up a friendship and eventually it blossoms into more. However, their camp is attacked one night and Julia is nearly assaulted by the attackers. David rushes to defend her, but he is gravely injured in the process.

“What the Heart Wants”, set in the open spaces of Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park, explores romance at different stages of life and how some decisions have surprising consequences. It centers around the lives of a military family, the Andersons, and provides a dramatic and emotional rollercoaster as the Andersons are affected by a number of veteran experiences, including PTSD.

Lindsey Grantham has just turned thirty-eight, and is worried that her biological clock is ticking in the crazy romantic comedy “Sail with Me”. Determined to find the right man and start a family, she manipulates her online dating profile to try and catch as many dates as possible. However, she ends up on a bizarre and wild journey when she is kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel and ends up on an incredible adventure on a sailboat!

An exciting, dramatic collection of clean, wholesome romance novel (the first story) and 4 romance short stories or total 90,000 words of reading. With some stories being serious and some quirky and fun, this collection provides an impressive emotional rollercoaster.

Standalone short stories all ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

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