The Watchman

The Watchman

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In 1885, President Grover Cleveland commissioned a special group of agents to investigate paranormal activities plaguing the nation. Unwilling to accept failure, he granted each the authority to operate outside the law. His directive was simple. No rules. No excuses. Just get it done.

Remy Kincaid, the son of a pugilist and sharpshooter, is recruited with the promise of discovering those responsible for his father’s abduction. With the help of his cynical steed, Fable, he heads to the town of Wharton, Texas, to investigate the disappearance of several young children. As clues lead him from a decrepit old house to an abandoned silver mine, he soon learns that an ancient evil is trying to release itself upon the world.

To save the town of Wharton, he will need to call upon his incredible strength and courage to fend off wicked men and beasts alike. What he doesn’t realize is that the evil is already loose. If he is to have any hope of surviving, he must be more than a man.

He must be the Watchman.

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