Thumb Piano Kalimba 17 Key with Study Instruction And Tune Hammer Portable Musical Instruments Gifts for Adult Kids And Beginners (Elk antlers)

Thumb Piano Kalimba 17 Key with Study Instruction And Tune Hammer Portable Musical Instruments Gifts for Adult Kids And Beginners (Elk antlers)

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What is Kalimba ?

The Kalimba is an African musical instrument consisting of a wooden board (often fitted with a resonator) with attached staggered metal tines, played by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumbs.It can be a solo instrument or as an accompaniment to singers, musicians and dancers.
The kalimba has different names in different African countries. Kalimba is the name of the instrument in Kenya, Mbira in Zimbabwe and Likembe in Congo.It also has names like Sanza and Thumb Piano.

Our Kalimba:

Thumb pianos 17 key is handcrafted with Mahogany for board and ore metal for tines, and use double-screw keys to strengthen the stability,furthermore solid wood body for it which makes resonance more sufficient.The timbre seems warm,and sound lasts long.

This musical instruments in suitable size(smaller than a 9.7-inch tablet, a little bigger than a cellphone) so it is portable to carry it everywhere. And it is an ideal choice for performance, party, and relaxation with your family, friends, and kids. Of course it will bring you more fun when you are camping, barbecue or traveling.

How to tune:

It adopts international standard C tone, and it is tuned and tested well before shipment, but sometimes you need to tune it,so how to tune your Kalimba.
First, You can use a real tuner or download an App(Android system app: gStrings, Apple system app: Instuner).
Second, Tune with harmmer, Making tines longer (from the point where they are held down on the bridge) will lower their pitch, and making them shorter will make their pitch higher.

Kalimba Package includes:
1* 17 Keys Kalimba
1* Study Instruction Book
1* Tune Hammer
1* Cleaning Cloth
1* Cloth Bag
1* Red and green stickers
1* Silicone Finger Protector

Kalimba Specification:
size: 7.2*5.1*1.3 inches
weight: 0.63 lb (0.28 kg)

[Easy to Learn] Just press down the keys with our thumb or finger.When the key is released, the vibration resonates in the wooden body and makes a beautiful sound. Even without any music foundation or operational experience, we can still play wonderful music with a simple instruction manual
[A Ideal Choice for Gift] Everyone loves a gift. No matter what the gift is, we always feel pleasant before the package is opened. If she/he finds out that the gift he received is kalimba, you will see the surprise on her/his face
[Sound of Nature] The laughter at the party, the scenery on the road, the bonfire in the camp, in these scene, a simple music is like beautiful sound of nature, makes it all the better,so we need a portable musical instrument
[Guarantee & warranty] 3 years warranty, 45 days unconditional return guarantee. If you have any questions or demanding advice on musical instruments, please no hesitate to contact us, we will deal with it asap,and hope to give you a pleasant shopping experience

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