Ulf Wakenius Oscar Peterson Licks For Jazz Guitar: Learn the Jazz Soloing Concepts of a Master Improviser (Jazz Guitar Licks)

Ulf Wakenius Oscar Peterson Licks For Jazz Guitar: Learn the Jazz Soloing Concepts of a Master Improviser (Jazz Guitar Licks)

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Discover Oscar Peterson’s Piano Licks for Jazz guitar

Unlock virtuoso jazz piano vocabulary for guitar

Virtuoso guitarist Ulf Wakenius performed with jazz piano legend Oscar Peterson for a decade, and followed in the footsteps of Barney Kessel, Herb Ellis and Joe Pass. In Oscar Peterson Licks for Jazz Guitar, Ulf shares his unique insight into the jazz concepts of Oscar Peterson, and teaches how that language creates the perfect vocabulary for jazz guitar.

What You’ll Learn

Oscar Peterson was the complete musician and matched effortless technique and dexterity with perfect time, a huge melodic vocabulary, a deep level of harmony, and a unique energetic creativity that powered his music. In this book, Ulf teaches you how to combine these essential musical elements to create the language of a jazz piano icon, while teaching you to master dozens of jazz guitar licks that give you the perfect jazz guitar vocabulary.

Among other things, you’ll study…

The Blues

  • How to weave blues ideas seamlessly into your jazz guitar solos
  • How to create lines with fluid vocal-phrasing
  • Jaw-dropping pentatonic runs
  • Outstanding double-stops and octave lines
  • Call and response licks
  • Masterful rhythmic variation techniques

The art of building strong motif-based solos

  • Learn to tell a story with your solo
  • Create motif-based phrases in the style of Jim Hall and Wes Montgomery
  • The secret to carrying motifs through chord changes
  • Catchy ostinato and pedal-tone ideas

The techniques and concepts to 10x your bebop licks

  • Learn to construct bebop guitar licks using chromatics and enclosures
  • Play dozens of swinging licks over essential jazz chord sequences
  • How to execute blisteringly fast runs!
  • The modal licks and sequence-based lines that create a modern jazz sound

Discover The Secret to Perfect Solo Jazz Guitar Arranging

Soloing with block chords was another important feature of Oscar’s playing. Here you’ll learn the secret principles behind this technique. By learning several longer study pieces, you’ll gain valuable insight into creating your own originalblock chord solos.

  • Learn the three principles that underpin everyblock chord solo
  • Discover lush Wes Montgomery, Johnny Smithand Barney Kesselstyle chord solos
  • Learn advanced chord voicing and substitution ideas
  • Study reharmonization ideas over famous jazz standards

Full-Length Jazz Guitar Pieces Bring Everything Together

As well as many long examples played over extended chord changes, the finale features three full-length performance solos that bring together all the techniques in the book. You’ll learn two bebop blues solo studies, and a stunning guitar arrangement to consolidate your harmonic and chord substitution ideas.

Hear it!

Ulf Wakenius’ Oscar Peterson Licks for Jazz Guitar contains over 1-hour of audio that’s free to download from our dedicated website. You’ll hear Ulf’s original recordings so you can play the music right – every time.

Buy it now and bring the iconic language of a jazz piano virtuoso home to your guitar

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