What on Earth: Robots

What on Earth: Robots

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Robots are an important part of our world. No longer part of science fiction, they are all around us, in our homes, workplaces, hospitals and space. Robots can make day-to-day tasks easier, perform life-saving surgery and explore the depths of space beyond our reach. Discover all you need to know about these incredible machines and their place in our world in this guide packed full of experiments, investigations and hands-on activities. Explore the importance of robots and how they influence our lives, investigate how they follow instructions and complete tasks, then create a mini robot and discover the mechanics behind these amazing machines. The perfect introduction to robots and the technology which make them work for children aged 7+.

From the Publisher

Be a Robot Designer

Robots are made to do jobs that humans don’t want to do

What job would you design a robot for? What kinds of things can your robot do? What are the things that it can’t do? Do you know anyone who has a robot in his or her home? What does that robot do?

What To To

1 Think of a job you do often but that you dislike. It might be making your bed, setting the table, or folding laundry.

2 Think about how you might design a robot to do the job for you. What would it need? Cameras to see? Would it move on wheels, treads, feet, or something else? Would it have an arm? One or two?

3 Create a description or illustration of your robot. Make sure to include its name and what materials it is made of, as well as what sensors it uses, and how it looks and moves.

Try This

Ask a friend to create her own robot for the same task. Now compare your robot designs. How are they similar or different?

Tool Kit



Crayons or coloring pencils

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