Yo-Yo DESK 48 Height-Adjustable Standing Desk. Superior sit-Stand Solution Suitable for All workstations and Standing Desk workplaces. (Black, 48”)

Yo-Yo DESK 48 Height-Adjustable Standing Desk. Superior sit-Stand Solution Suitable for All workstations and Standing Desk workplaces. (Black, 48”)

Price: $359.99
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Product Description


Yo-Yo DESK – Most Popular Standing Desks

Our mission at Yo-Yo DESK is to convert sedentary offices into active, healthy and productive workplaces. We do this by creating high quality standing desks at prices everyone can afford.

Yo-Yo DESK is the fastest growing standing desk brand in Europe and growing rapidly across the US. Selling in more than 20 countries our global Yo-Yo DESKER community now consists of over 100,000 up/down office workers. #SitLess #MoveMore #KeepMoving.

yo yo desk classicyo yo desk classic

yo yo desk 36yo yo desk 36

More Space & Sturdy Frame

Designed to accommodate your entire workstation, Yo-Yo DESK CLASSIC sit-stand desks feature deeper desktop space to elevate single or dual screen monitors, with greater top space and a very sturdy tabletop to cater for extra items totaling up to 33 lbs.

yo yo desk foldedyo yo desk folded

Transition in Seconds

Transition between sitting and standing in seconds with Yo-Yo DESK CLASSIC our most popular standing desk converter.

yo yo desk top viewyo yo desk top view

High-Tech Durability

Heavy-duty aluminum and aircraft grade dual gas springs – Yo-Yo DESK CLASSIC standing desk is built to last. Designed by experts to support and elevate your monitor to the optimal ergonomic height using easy grasp handles.


Sizes: MINI, 36”, 48” and CUBE.
Colors: Black or White.
Dual gas springs to adjust desk height safely and smoothly
Suitable for single or double screen monitors (13-30″)
Supports up to 33lbs plus keyboard
Non-slip silicone frame pads to protect your desk

yo yo desk front viewyo yo desk front view

The Healthier Solution

The benefits of standing at work are now well proven by scientists and include improved posture, higher calorie burn, increased blood circulation and oxygen flow to the brain. Yo-Yo DESK featured in the BBC Science documentary “How to Stay Young”.

Worksurface Dimensions:

26 ¾ ” Width x 23 ¼ ” Depth

35 ¼” Width x 23 ¼ ” Depth

46 ¾ ” Width x 23 ¼ ” Depth

46 ¾ ” Width x 23 ¼ ” Depth

Color (Black or White)

Maximum Load Capacity

33 lbs

33 lbs

44 lbs

44 lbs

Cubicle Compatibility

standing desk rangestanding desk range

SUPERIOR HEIGHT-ADJUSTMENT: Unbeatable height extension range for standing desk converters: 5.9” – 19.7” (Desktop), 0 – 14.17” (Keyboard). 15 options for smooth height adjustment from sitting to standing desk. Split level worktop 48″ wide.
DURABLE DESIGN. BUILT TO LAST. FEATURED ON BBC TV: Yo-Yo DESK featured on BBC’s “How to Stay Young” experiment. Using Yo-Yo DESK helped ex-policeman shed 13 YEARS off his body age in 8 weeks. Premium grade aluminium gas spring for smooth height adjustment. Available in both Black and White with 3-year Warranty. Yo-Yo DESK is the UK’s #1 best-selling range of standing desks.
IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH & PRODUCTIVITY: Avoid Binge Sitting and transition easily between sitting and standing. Allow your body the movement it needs while you work in perfect ergonomic comfort. Join the workplace revolution for healthier active working! Yo-Yo DESK is an Official Sponsor of the GET AMERICA STANDING campaign.
CONVERTS ANY DESK TO SIT-STAND: Yo-Yo DESK 48 standing desk caters for larger work-space needs and accommodates 3 monitors. Easy to install (5 minutes) and effortlessly switches from/to sitting & standing positions in just 3 seconds using easy-press levers on each side.
HOW DOES YO-YO DESK “48” DIFFER FROM YO-YO DESK “38-S”? Yo-Yo DESK 48 is our first-generation sit-stand desk. It has a larger footprint, deeper desktop (23″ vs 15.75″ ) and wider desktop (47″ vs 37″) giving you the benefits of more space and is sturdier at higher heights. OUR ADVICE: Yo-Yo DESK 48 is a suitable standing desk for users below 72″ or 6-foot-tall if placed upon a standard height desk (29″). For users above 72″ (and up to 78″) we suggest using a Yo-Yo DESK GO 2.

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