Your Money Your INVESTMENTS: Preserving and growing your wealth in good and tough times

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This is not another investment book that teaches you how
to invest; neither does it guide you on the systematic steps
to successful investment. I believe that personal finance
knowledge cannot be acquired overnight, but is a lifelong
pursuit that requires the constant absorption of old (tried and
tested) and new (creative and efficient) approaches to money
In the post global financial crisis, investors need to have a
better understanding of the basic investment theories and how
investment markets work for more responsible savings and
long-term investing. There are no easy or quick fixes to some
of life’s complex financial woes, but the pursuit of a better way
of life requires a self motivated determination to become more
financially educated and experienced through the testimonies
and learned mistakes of others.
The topics covered in this book are articles that have been
published in The Straits Times and The Business Times, and they
introduce readers to the investment world and the techniques
used by professional investors. Some of the articles have been
edited and adapted for this book.

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